Carter Health Management and Consulting,

With an average of 26 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Carter Health Management and Consulting applies our expertise in the areas of Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)/Social Security Income (SSI) and Charity Care Application Management to your most difficult patient accounts to improve reimbursement.



Identify and Strategize.

The first stage of each engagement with CHMC begins with the development of a formal strategy. Each healthcare provider’s patient population is unique. CHMC works alongside your staff to understand your patient population and create a unique strategy addressing key factors such as location and demographics.  

CHMC works to seamlessly integrate into your business office’s day-to-day processes enabling staff to focus on core day to day responsibilities, while simultaneously improving successful application rates for Medicaid eligibility, Affordable Care Act, and Charity Care.


Locate, Contact, Interview, and Apply.

Once a formalized strategy is in place, we get to work. Using our proprietary software tool, PIMS, CHMC’s centralizes patient referrals within our system to ensure all accounts are effectively processed. From locating patients, to scheduling interviews, obtaining necessary paperwork, and submitting the applications within COMPASS; our team is trained to effectively assess, engage, and document patient accounts. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain your facility’s patient experience standards.


Follow-up and Reporting.

At CHMC, we believe time is of the essence. For that reason our process incorporates a diligent timeline to improve the probability of successfully qualifying patients for Medicaid, Affordable Care Act Plans, Social Security Income, Social Security Disability Income or Charity Care. All patient referrals are monitored based upon 15, 25, 30 and 60 day time intervals.

CHMC keeps you in the loop at each stage of the patient application process. At routine intervals PIMS issues a series of reports so that you may clearly understand where we are working each patient referral, the probability of successfully processing applications, and the overall acceptance or rejection rates.



I am excited after being in the Healthcare Industry for over 25 years to have the opportunity to create, manage and market “Carter Health Management & Consulting, ”.

The business focus will be on Medicaid, Affordable Health Care Act as well as Hospital Charity Care Programs. Even in this age of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities encounter patients seeking treatment who are unable to pay for their care. It is in the financial interest of these facilities to seek to enroll these individuals in one of the many government-related health care reimbursement programs, such as Medicaid, SSI, etc., or to help these individuals obtain subsidized health insurance through the Exchange. When contacted by a client health care facility, Carter Health Care Management provides on-site staff to assist these patients in enrolling in one of the aforementioned programs. If unable to enroll in a government program, our staff will apply the patient for the facility’s Charity Care program (if one exists at that facility).

It is my goal to provide quality services to my clients as well as the patients that we will serve.

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